Covers are magical creations in my eyes. If they’re well executed they allow you to listen to a song incessantly, while giving you countless new ways to fall in love with it each time. My favourite instances of this happening is when hardcore or dirty south rap songs undergo a conversion into melodic, sensitive, and smooth sounds. Much like an optical illusion, these specific creations trick you into believing that what you’re hearing is something entirely different than what is actually being said.

The best and most recent example of this phenomenon is the 2014 Fetty Wap hit ‘Trap Queen’. You’ll forgive me for admitting it wasn’t a favourite of mine, but I now know the lyrics by heart. That’s because about a month ago I stumbled on Bri Dasilva’s cover on SoundCloud and realized that I had misjudged the track. Within seconds singing about ‘cooking pies’ in the kitchen (slang for cooking up illegal substances) quickly became my obsession of the week, and ‘Trap Queen’ became the top song on my playlist.

The beauty of this cover is that Bri stays true to Fetty’s blunt lyrics but envelops them in smooth dulcet tones and well-modulated female vocals. This makes it seem like this is a sentimental and romantic song in the traditional sense, but then you become aware of the words again and remember that soft-hearted romance doesn’t live here: Bri simply mastered the art of sound illusion.

If you enjoy this cover pay her SoundCloud a visit, she has a few more piano covers waiting to be appreciated by welcoming ears.