We’ve got to admit that we completely missed the gorgeous Jungle, from newcomer, Adonis Bosso, when it first dropped back in September. Thankfully, that oversight was rectified this morning thanks to the mysterious powers of the Spotify algorithm, which added this absolute gem of a track to our Discover Weekly playlist.

Jungle starts life as a simple acoustic number, before layers of electronic atmospherics and a rumbling bassline are gradually added to the mix. Discussing the track, Adonis explains “Jungle is about silver linings. No matter what wolf is ruling over the jungle, no matter the obstacle we may face in our day-to-day lives, there is still this hope,”

Adonis, who was born in the Ivory Coast and now resides in New York, is relatively new to the music game, but his previous career as a successful model has prepared him for life in the spotlight. Though it’s his only release to date, on the strength of Jungle alone, we think switching the runway for the studio was a wise move.

`Listen to Jungle in full below