He’s cut his teeth performing live vocals for British chart-toppers, Rudimental, and recording as part of hip-hop collective, Orphgang, but now Afronaut Zu is ready to establish himself in his own right.

And today, the London-based artist does exactly that by stepping up and sharing his impressive debut EP, MELANALIA, exclusively through Mahogany.

A thrilling fusion of electronic soul, hip-hop and afrobeat, MELANALIA showcases Zu’s explosive vocals and experimental approach to production, which results in MELANALIA sounding like very little else out there. And it’s not just the sonics that separates it from the rest, with the record touching on themes of alienation, history, escapism and the objectification of black people in the western world. So not your typical R&B jam. Discussing the concept behind the record, Afronaut Zu explains that “MELANALIA is about the journeys of an individual Melanalian  through life in the western world. In the western world as a black person, it seems as though your skin colour comes before everything you do, say or express and also what we tend to receive from society. This project is merely an introduction to the discovery of the Melanalien world.”

It’s a bold and highly impressive first offering, marking Afronaut Zu out as an artist to pay close attention to. Listen to MELANALIA in full below.