Alice Phoebe Lou made such an impression on us during her Mahogany Sessions debut back in 2016, that when we were offered the chance to film her again last year, it was an absolute no-brainer. We shared the first of these latest Sessions last summer and today we’re thrilled to unveil the second, an exclusive performance of Devil’s Sweetheart, performed with fellow Berlin-based street performer, Olmo.

Olmo and Alice met in the summer of 2012, when they were both busking in the streets of Berlin and were sharing a spot for the first time. They hit it off and soon got together to write something. Devil’s Sweetheart came out of a riff Olmo was playing around with at the time on his lap steel guitar and 20 minutes of furious scribbling by Alice. In under an hour, the whole song had come to life.

They have since played the song whenever they have shared a busking spot or a stage, but this Mahogany Session is the first time ever that Alice and Olmo have actually recorded the song. Watch exclusively above.

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