Pop music is at its best for me when its either the kind of sheer melodic joy you just can’t stop singing along to, or its got the sting of heartache to it. Norwegian via Australian duo Anna of the North do a fantastic job of that latter kind of pop music (tracks like ‘Us‘ from their previous EPs were just sparse perfection) and the first release from their 10 track debut album ‘Lovers’ will show you just how good they are at it.

‘Lovers’ is an anthem for anyone going through the throws of a broken heart. Anna Lottorud’s voice sounds beautifully cracked throughout, but the production and synths have an uplifting early 90s gospel sound. Speaking on the track Anna has said “the song describes that point when you feel alone and you’re reaching out but they’re not reaching back”. The album that is set for release this autumn has stories of heartache and broken relationships running throughout – and it seems creatively furtile ground for the duo.

Anna of the North’s debut LP ‘Lovers’ is set for release 8th September.