Anna Straker is a 19 year old singer, songwriter and producer who calls London home. Her debut EP, Serious, was released last year, showcasing her penchant for electronic experimentation and winning her praise from industry tastemakers.  She returns this week with a video for latest single, Ignite Me, which sounds markedly different to everything we’ve heard from her previously.

Ignite Me finds Anna delivering spoken word verses in a style reminiscent of Mike Skinner over layers of synths, electronic atmospherics and a solid hip hop beat as she explores feelings of isolation during a night out and craving something new and exciting. The accompanying visuals are a deliberately simplistic affair, with Anna explaining “Ignite Me is the story that you tell your friends the morning after a night out. I wanted the video to be just that: really simple, hungover and unglamorous. No makeup, no crazy set. This way it allows you to focus on the lyrics and the story that I wrote.”

Watch the video for Ignite Me up top