Best Girl Athlete is the musical project of precocious Scottish teen, Katie Buchan. Aged just 18, she’s already released two albums of delicate, melancholic indie-pop, including this year’s much lauded self-titled LP.

Today, Best Girl Athlete returns to release latest single, Lucy, which is taken from her most recent album, but that’s not all. No, in an act of extraordinary generosity, she’s also sharing the previously unreleased Frayed, exclusively through Mahogany.

Inspired by the Luc Beson film of the same name, Lucy is a bittersweet, sweeping piece of cinematic pop featuring a gorgeous, uplifting string section. Frayed is a darker affair in comparison, filled with twinkling piano melodies and Katie’s heart-wrenchingly fragile vocals, but is no less beautiful in all its melancholic majesty.

Listen to Lucy and Frayed in full below