Iceland’s most famous daughter, Bjork, shared her 10th studio album, Utopia, towards the end of 2017. Produced in collaboration with fellow experimental artist Arca, the record was received with widespread acclaim on its release, including here at Mahogany HQ.

On our very first listen, the charming Blissing Me instantly stood out, so we were thrilled to discover that Bjork connected with New York based artist, serpentwithfeet, for a stunning remix of the track.

It’s a beautiful duet, with Bjork’s breathy vocals complimented perfectly by serpentwithfeet’s lilting falsetto over a gently plucked harp to create the most delicate of love songs. With more Utopia remixes apparently in the pipeline, we seem set for some more treats from Bjork in the weeks and months to come. If there even half as good as the Blissing Me remix, we’re all in for a real treat

Listen to the Blissing Me remix in full below