2017 was the breakthrough year for New York based artist, Cautious Clay. Having spent years honing his skills as a songwriter and producer, he unveiled his impressive debut single, Cold War, last September and hasn’t looked back since, racking up critical acclaim and expanding his fan base with each subsequent release.

With debut EP, Blood Type, due out next week, we’ve handed over the reins of our Spotify playlist to Cautious Clay to share the tracks he can’t get enough of right now. Check out his picks below.

Outkast – Prototype

Such a classic tune and the bass on the record is stand alone. Speakerboxxx + The Love Below as an album was also such an influence on so many other projects that live in an alternative/ R&B space today having songs like Roses, Hey Ya, Knowing etc. as well.

Brockhampton – GOLD

They have been super consistent last year and their content is always super creative. The hook on this tune is my favourite part. They make a good balance between social commentary and feel without feeling forced.

 N.E.R.D. Feat. Rihanna – Lemon

This tune feels really good a different flow from Rihanna rapping been in my head for a few weeks. Spaz, Maybe, and Sooner or later by N.E.R.D. were all close second for me.

 Bread – Make it with You

My mom use to play a lot of Bread growing up and their songs have been finding my way back into my life slowly but surly. This one in particular was always a favourite, has a great marrying of both folk and R&B from a super particular time and place.

Steve Lacy – Dark Red

Steve Lacy is an incredible artist and has such a style to his production and vocal delivery. This song encapsulates so many different things in such a simple way and has really stuck with me since the day I first heard it.

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