2012 was a good year for music. It was the last time we heard anything official from Jai Paul and the first time we heard from Rhye. It delivered great debut albums from Frank Ocean, Lana Del Ray and Kendrick Lamar and impressive sophomore efforts from The xx and Tame Impala. Also releasing a debut album that year was the Brooklyn based artist, CE. Released for free via his Bandcamp page, Siddha flew beneath the radar of many at the time, but one track from the record is experiencing a revival of sorts thanks to a recently released video.

The track, Mudra, is a moving piece of stripped-back, modern soul that served as the album closer. CE has described the album making process as helping him come to terms with his father’s sudden death and Mudra really feels like an insight into that emotional journey. Its acapella start is mournful, but as layers of synths, gospel organs and percussion are gradually added, the feeling of sorrow fades and is replaced by resilience and hope.

Check out the Gabriel Gomez directed video below and keep your ears peeled for the soul sample that kicks in towards the end of the song – the vocals are CE’s late father’s and they provide a fittingly emotive end to Mudra.