Friend of Mahogany Chelou and producer Maya Jane Coles are no strangers to working together. Although currently unsigned, Chelou has already offered up his gravelled, raw vocals to Coles’ Nocturnal Sunshine LP on track ‘Believe’. Now Chelou has teamed up with Coles once again to produce his beautiful track ‘Halfway To Nowhere’.

The track is a blend of Chelou’s folk acoustics and Coles’ signature style of cool electronica. Lyrically it explores finding yourself out in the world feeling lost, however the two artists styles seem to have found a perfect balance. Watch out for Chelou on Coles’ next album in 2017, and if you’re lucky enough to be there, you can also catch Chelou live at SXSW next year. 

‘Halfway To Nowhere’ is out on 4th November. Photo credit: Fiona Garden.