The hype surrounding Alessia Cara’s Def Jam debut single ‘Here‘ has led to a much deserved increase in awareness of up-and-coming Canadian musicians. Well, to be fair, there have been many artists to emerge from the Maple leaf province (Drake, Justin Bieber, Kiesza, Michael Bublé), but unless they’re super-stars it seems hard for others to break through.

So allow me to stray from the super-stardom scene and introduce you to a little known and incredibly talented Toronto-based soul by the name of Daniel Caesar.

Daniel has two EP’s to his name to date, yet somehow he has not received sufficient coverage measuring up to his talent. Whatever the case behind that may be, his music is out there and deserving of praise. His songs always have a soothing and haunting effect, yet each one of them is unlike the other. That’s the beauty of his ‘Praise Break‘ EP. You don’t have to look elsewhere if you need a series of songs to induce a trance-like state; each of his tracks will ignite a chilling reverie without sounding like a repetition.