Making my normal 5-minute trip down to the tube station this morning, walking past the Eritrean restaurant, Ghanaian fabric shop and Jewish bakery, it really hit me just how diverse London is. You can taste it in the food, see it in the fashion and, most importantly for us at Mahogany, hear it in the music that comes out of the city.

The latest musical product of the London melting pot is newcomer Desta French, the North London raised daughter of Italian and Colombian parents, who has just released her first single, Take You For Dead. 

Boasting possibly the catchiest chorus of the year so far, Take You For Dead is a slice of 80’s inspired R&B. It is packed full of synths and smooth bass kicks, which provide the perfect platform to showcase Desta French’s sultry vocals. It is a great first offering and seems set to feature heavily in playlists this summer – get yourselves acquainted with it below.