New York based duo Lion Babe exploded on to the scene in 2013 with their irresistible, soulful, summer-drenched track ‘Treat Me Like Fire’. We loved it, the rest of the internet adored it, people hyped it, and then, well, then nothing. The pair released no further tracks, whilst seemingly looking attending a lot of fashionable parties and performing gigs that no overseas fans seemed to get to hear.

Well, all you frustrated Lion Babe lovers, wait no longer. Lion Babe have come storming back with ‘Jump Hi’ featuring the lyrical prowess of Childish Gambino. It’s a defiantly strong come back for the pair and has already garnered support from Billboard in the States as one of their Emerging Picks. Jillian’s vocals have a hint of Erykah Badu about them, whilst what sounds like a Nina Simone sample loops over a heavy hip-hop beat.

Photo credit Courtney Harvier