With his latest single, 20-year-old Londoner Fredwave attempts something that few before him have ever been able to successfully pull off – the fusion of soul and grime. The result of this musical experiment is ‘Home’, a gritty track that provides an ideal soundtrack for those long, dark January nights.

‘Home’ really reminds me of the mysterious south-London producer Burial’s self-titled first album and Fredwave takes a similar DIY approach to his music by handling production duties on ‘Home’ himself. He cleverly utilises a sample of DJ Wonder’s ‘What’ (best known for it’s use on Dizzee Rascal’s Respect Me) to help create an atmospheric soundscape that serves as the perfect platform to showcase his gravely vocals.

With the world of alt-soul already a crowded one, it is rare for new artists to emerge with a sound that stands them apart from their peers, but Fredwave has done just that with ‘Home’ – so I can’t wait to hear more from him in 2015.