It’s a brave decision to quit your job, move to a new city on the other side of the world and start a band with your best mate. But that’s just what Angus and Elliot, the duo behind Two Another, did in 2015 – and it looks increasingly like a great call.

Now calling London home, the duo released a string of singles as well as their self-titled debut EP over the course of 2016. Stuffed full of funky basslines and catchy hooks, they quickly gained the love and attention of the blogosphere and found themselves tipped for big things in 2017. Two Another are preparing to release a new EP a little later this year and what we’ve heard of it so far – the seriously laid-back World Demands It and the gloriously groovy Aiming Up – suggests that those expectations will be met.

Their latest track, the disco-esque Over My Shoulder, was released earlier this month and it’s one of those songs that is impossible not to dance to. Speaking to Angus and Elliot via email, it seems that was always the aim. “Over My Shoulder proved to be the toughest track to finish on the EP because it was little bit out of our comfort zone but everyone we showed it to said it was worth pursuing. It ended up taking six bassists & six mental breakdowns to finish it but hopefully the tongue in cheek pop tune will get people dancing.”

Take a listen to Over My Shoulder and explore the rest of the Two Another back catalogue below.

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