If you’ve been waiting to hear our selected artists for part two of 2017’s Horizon Series, wait no longer. For those not familiar with Horizon, this series features our Mahogany selections for those artists we feel are tipped for greatness this coming year. You can see these three artists perform live on January 26th in London – for tickets head over here.

Alice Phoebe Lou is not someone you can easily forget. Fierce, creative and incredibly talented; we had the honour of showcasing her work at our inaugural Mahogany + friends festival in Berlin and she had to return for 2 encores before the crowd would let her leave the building.  Alice brings an artistic confidence that belies her youth but is entirely justified by her bold storytelling and vagabond spirit

Soft, tender vocals set aloft on soothing soundscapes: Matt Maltese is the master at crafting heartfelt ballads and songs that stay with you for weeks. His track ‘Vacant in the 21st Century’ left us exactly like that. With a cinematic feel, Matt’s music will pull you in immediately – like this Distiller session performance of his track ‘Studio 6’.

Dave Dixon aka Tamu Massif hails from the West of England, and makes sweet, self-produced pop music – with intimate lyrics and lilting, jangled guitar riffs. Inspired by his circle of friends and diverse musical influences, Tamu Massif has a distinct sound and an ability with storytelling that captures from the first note.

Horizon Part 2 will take place at The Kings Head Members Club in Dalston, East London on the 26th January. For tickets and more information head to Dice.