That famous Hip Hop sound, or more specifically that vibey, classic, golden era 90s Hip Hop sound is back. More and more upcoming young Hip Hop stars on both sides of the Atlantic are taking inspiration from the more mellow, melodic, style of production and flow – think the vibe of Nas’ Illmatic album or Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt.

London’s The Age of L.U.N.A are one such act who have a fresh take on that 90s golden era sound and given it a new lease of life with a UK slant and neo-Soul style vocals. The teenage foursome have accumulated barely 60 years between them, but their maturity of sound and confidence in their lyrical, conscious delivery is incredible. Producer NKOK is the main beat master, joined by Butch Arkas, Kyote Noir and with sugar sweet vocals from Daniella.

Previous track ‘Indigo’ grabbed the attention of the underground music press with its kicked back warmth, but with ‘Six Feet Deep’ The Age of L.U.N.A have dropped a cut that wouldn’t be out of place warming up a club or party. They are serious contenders for upcoming Hip Hop act of 2015, and I say that in full knowledge that it is only January.