I love the British take on Alt-RnB. The British sensibility seems to take the narcotic fueled self loathing that Canadian artists like the Weeknd et al do so well and bring in another layer of unpredictable UK darkness. So meet our freshest, most brutal RnB star – Collard.

London resident and Kojey Radical collaborator Collard has written one the most beautifully soulful tracks about an overdose ever laid to record. ‘Sofa’ is a chilling tale which sees Collard trying to warm up the house and keep his lover awake in case ‘the drugs take over’, all sweetly disguised behind warming guitar licks and falsetto prettiness. One of his earlier releases from 2016 ‘Departure’ sets that hypnotic voice of his across a melancholy grunge guitar track.

Keep an eye out for Collard’s debut album scheduled for release late 2017.