It’s always really exciting when you stumble on an artist that is creating music at the very beginning of their personal musical journey. Hannah Barnett is a producer and multi-instrumentalist who’s been writing and experimenting with different sounds, styles and instruments in her room, waiting for the moment to share her work. Although she has performed live before, it has been mainly as a drummer, so as Barnett says “it’s a new experience for me to come forward from the back, sharing, singing and playing my own music”

‘Nails’ is the first track Hannah Barnett has shared; a melancholy electronic pop track that shows off Hannah’s powerful voice and deeply moving delivery. The synth lines on ‘Nails’ rise up to an uncomfortable tension before dropping off into a deep cool reflection. ‘Nails’ is from Hannah’s debut EP, which she is co-producing with a film composer to merge orchestral elements into her electronic pop sound and give it a cinematic scale.

Hannah has also been collaborating with other producers, writing and performing vocals for house music. The only other material available from Hannah at the moment is the rather luxe, dreamy remix of ‘Nails’ from HXLY KXSS, so keep your eyes out for more remixes, collaborations and original music from Hannah in the coming months.