I stumbled across Kazy Lambist when I fell into a Soundcloud black hole and resurfaced in the pages of Opening Light Music – an independent label based in Paris. Hailing from France’s deep South – Montpelier – Kazy is a twenty something singer and songwriter making laid back, sunny disco with a nice electro edge.

The groove of the beat and the whispered licks of ‘do you wanna go down?’ on his latest single ‘Doing Yoga’ establish a summer romance vibe that runs through Lambist’s tracks. His own singing style has that uncomplicated, nonchalant delivery that acts such as the Whitest Boy Alive and Air do so well. However Kazy might be strongest when he collaborates with the sweeter touch of a female vocal; the combination of Amoue on ‘Headson Hotel’ and LC Elo on ‘Headson’ really makes his laid back production style sing.