Being creative partners and a couple isn’t something that always comes easy. However London duo Ki Yoshi make it sound like a walk in the park. Producer Charlie Raw and vocalist Kayleigh work on tracks together in their East London studio – in and around parent duties – and are currently releasing their modern soul music as a stream of striking, soulful singles rather than waiting to release a body of work as an LP

Ki Yoshi’s sound has an alt RnB, neo-soul vibe that sits comfortably next to underground modern soul artists like Rosie Lowe or Etta Bond. The pairs songwriting skills are impressive; they confidently deliver upbeat soulful tracks like Golden Brown, but can also strip it right back on more emotional songs like Another Hour and retro-tinged tracks Whats Her Name.

The pair are currently unsigned, but if there is any justice this won’t be the case for long.