The thing that struck me first about New Zealand based singer Matthew Young, was his clever play on the opening line from one of my favourite Prince tracks Little Red Corvette on his own track Loveblind. My instant thought was, well if he’s going to reference that track and such a sensually explicit artist as Prince, this must be a guy with some serious confidence. However the man himself chooses to remain faceless, with only perfect photos of the back of his blonde head to give any clues to his identity.

Cue me diving into his Soundcloud and discovering 4 slick, seductive, RnB tracks – reminiscent of other new school RnB heavy hitters like Frank Ocean, or The Weeknd. And don’t let the camera shyness fool you; Young has a mature, classic RnB voice and judging by his lyrics and delivery on ‘Lean Close’ only one thing on his mind.