It’s fair to say that the past two years have been a bit of a whirlwind for Isaac Gracie. Back in early 2016, the West London based singer/songwriter uploaded a couple of demos recorded in his bedroom to SoundCloud, hoping for some constructive feedback and to catch the attention of a few blogs.

But it wasn’t just the blogs paying attention. The demos had caught the attention of practically every major label going. A bidding war soon broke out, with talent spotters and executives flocking to his live shows in an attempt to woo him.

Fast-forward two years and Isaac is now signed to Virgin/EMI and on the verge of releasing his highly anticipated debut album. The majority of the self-titled record, which Isaac describes as “an intimate, honest recollection of lived experiences”, was written in the same bedroom in which he recorded the demos that launched his career. But whilst the scenery hasn’t changed much, the process certainly has, with Isaac explaining that “writing has become more challenging” now he’s signed, because he’s no longer just writing for himself.

Having been lucky enough to have heard the album already, it’s clear to us that, whether the increased pressure is real or imagined, Isaac is flourishing under it. Isaac Gracie is a collection of songs that fully justify the hype that surrounded Isaac and mark him out as one of the finest rising singer/songwriters the UK can boast of.

Isaac Gracie’s self-titled album is out on Friday and you can pre-order it from here. And keep your eyes peeled for more from Isaac and Mahogany in the very near future…