It was the ethereal and trippy charms of ‘Temporal’ that first made me aware of the music of Luis Alfredo Del Valle and Raquel Berrios – aka Buscabulla. The Puerto Rico via Brooklyn duo released the aforementioned track on indie label Kitsune Maison last month – however after further digging, I discovered the pair have been making their kooky, latin inspired, psychedelic pop music since 2010.

‘Temporal’ is retro inspired indie music at its most intergalactic, whilst earlier track ‘Sono’ is a more definitively latin inspired rock number with shuffled percussion, maracas and sweetly seductive vocals. The final track I’ll share is Buscabulla’s cover of ‘Bailando’ by Frankie Eres Mio; a track tagged on their Soundcloud as Salsa Erotica – which in itself will go some way to explain the Buscabulla sound.

Photo credit – Nosotrus, Brooklyn.