Remember being fourteen? If your experience was anything like ours, it was an age full of spots, homework and questionable fashion choices. One thing we certainly we weren’t doing at fourteen was crafting a full length EP that would put most twenty-somethings to shame.

And that’s where us and Brighton’s latest soul sensation, Isabelle Brown, differ.

The fourteen year old singer has just shared her supremely impressive debut EP, Only Having A Laugh, the majority of which was incredibly written when she was just twelve. Not that you’d ever guess her age when listening to the project, which melds elements of classic soul with contemporary R&B and hip-hop to create an ageless sound. Early favourites at Mahogany HQ include opening track, Armour, and the sweet, vintage soul of Home, but to be completely honest the entire 7 track effort is definitely worth a listen and you can do so below.