Brixton’s Jake Isaac, he of that massive voice behind some of our classic Sessions, has just released his first full length LP ‘Our Lives’. To promote the album he’s recorded a set of brand new live performances, including this sweet acoustic version of ‘You and I Always’. It’s a simple love song, but with Jake’s vocal power ‘You and I Always’ is a moving few minutes.

Our Lives, released last week is a blend of high energy, rafter-filling pop tracks, and more soul-led softer tracks. Collectively the album has all the hallmarks of a huge pop success, which makes Jake’s signing to Universal Music make a lot of sense. Amongst the new music, it also includes older material such as ‘Long Road’ which Jake performed for Mahogany back in 2014. We’ll include his latest performance of that with Ella Eyre below, just for old time’s sake.

Our Lives is available to buy and stream now.