When you think of the music of the Caribbean, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Chances are it’s almost certainly not acoustic soul, but Guyanese troubadour, Juke Ross, may well be about to change that.

Signed to Republic Records, Juke Ross shared his debut EP, GREY, last November, which to our shame we’ve only just discovered. It’s safe to say we’re very impressed indeed.

Showcasing his utterly compelling vocals and emotive songwriting, GREY is a gorgeous fusion of acoustic-soul and indie folk that will be getting heavy rotation on the speakers at Mahogany HQ for the foreseeable future. Talking about the record, Juke explains that it’s comprised of “songs that provided momentary distraction; songs that defined a feeling I don’t completely understand yet cuts the same with each listen.”

We’re pretty sure the record will resonate with you in the same way, so check it out in full below.