At Mahogany we love music that moves us. Genre isn’t important, its more about the feeling that stirs within as a track plays. As soon as Kiah Victoria’s cover of Coldplay’s Fix You began I knew instantly that this would be a song I’d quickly grow to love. Its a bold interpretation of an anthemic rock song. Bristling with verve, Kiah’s beautiful voice shines in this soulful cover. The New Yorker who sung her way into Jay-Z’s Picaso Baby is immensely talented. Her harmonies have the power to bring a smile or tears to your face.

After a few repeats of this song the only logical next step was to check out Kiah Victoria’s most recent EP.  Kiah’s Gravitate EP is a gorgeous and sultry effort. If you are looking for more music in this vein see below I’ve shared my favorite song from the EP.