London based four-piece, The King’s Parade, enjoyed their most successful year to date in 2017. It saw the release of their Haze EP, which won praise and support from tastemakers and critics and earned the band slots at a series of high profile festivals.

Aiming to take the momentum of 2017 into the new year, The King’s Parade return today to unveil their new single, Woman, exclusively through the Mahogany Blog.

Woman finds the band tackling one of the most relevant of topics of the day, gender imbalance. Explaining why the band chose to address the issue, frontman Olly Corpe says “I see it every day and it never changes. It seems that it’s ingrained and that there’s just this biological barrier that we men can’t or won’t break down. The idea behind the chorus was to try and make the phrase “Like a Woman” celebratory and empowering, rather than derogatory or belittling. It conveys the strength and determination/force of a woman breaking through.”

The sentiment is worthy of praise. So to is the track. With a belting chorus and intelligent lyrics, Woman is a rich slice of alt-soul certain to rightly swell The King’s Parade’s ever growing fanbase. Listen in full exclusively below.