Kwabs has joined forces with Austrian-based Electronic producer SOHN for a third time, the result of which is ‘Look Over Your Shoulder’. While the two previous collaborations, ‘Wrong or Right’ and ‘Last Stand’ were more of a blend between the two artists, this newer one seems to expose Kwabs at the forefront with his more weighted vocals and lyrics.

It was clear from day one that Kwabs naturally harnesses the richness of soul music, an inherent talent which was first exposed in 2012 when he covered the Electronic James Blake production ‘The Wilhelm Scream’. This cover garnered Kwabs a record deal with Atlantic Records, proving that he is a talent worth devoting to. And I am sure I am not alone in my conviction that this young talent’s full and soulful barritone vocals could turn any song, whether covered or original, into a hit soul track.

‘Look Over Your Shoulder’ is a wonderful collaboration, but more impressive is Kwabs’ impassioned stripped back version of this song, confirming yet again that this artist has something that we all look for: gravitas.

The young and gifted Londoner is without a doubt on his way to becoming a house-hold name.