L Devine is a 19 year old rising R&B star, hailing from the British city of Newcastle. Last week she dropped her debut EP, Growing Pains, a five-track effort that finds her marrying insightful, relatable lyrics, with chart-friendly melodies to create the kind of modern-pop you can’t help but get excited about.

Along with the EP, Devine also shared an equally impressive accompanying long-form video. A collaboration with director, Emil Nava, whose worked with the likes of Selena Gomez and Calvin Harris, the Growing Pains video was shot entirely on 16mm film and features all of the important women in the young singer’s life. Talking on the video, Devine explains “Each of the women in the video has lived life with no restraints, and certainly never let their gender get in the way of working hard, doing what they love and being who they are.”

It’s certainly an impressive watch and leaves the impression that L Devine is a name we’ll all be hearing a lot over the next 12 months. Watch the Growing Pains video in full below