Brainfeeder is one of the most future facing record labels out there; consistently releasing music by some of the most unconventional, difficult to categorise, but exciting artists around – Flying Lotus, Teebs and today’s pick Lapalux to name but a few of their unique roster.

Lapalux’s character blend of grimy RnB and electronic beat wizardry has been morphed into various tempos across the years I’ve been listening to him, but my favourite Lapalux moments have always been when he slows the beats right down and tugs at your heart strings. Add a female vocalist (2012’s Without You is the perfect case in point) and Lapalux commands some seriously emotional productions. ‘Closure’ – the first track to be taken from his upcoming album Lustmore – sees Lapalux on just that vibe.

Closure is a moving, electro, 21st century slow jam with a heart palpitating, smooth RnB vocal delivered by the hugely talented Szjerdene. Its a powerful comeback from the UK producer.