Just when it was shaping up to be another humdrum Tuesday, up pops Lilla Vargen with her brand new single, Believe Me, to brighten up our day. A promising 2017, which saw her lovely debut EP pick up support from a host of influential tastemakers, set Lilla firmly on course to make a serious impression this year.

And with Believe Me, Lilla is showing no signs of veering off course.

An intimate, slow-burner inspired by a complex friendship, Believe Me is another impressive effort from the Northern Irish artist. Talking about the track, Lilla explains that it started life as a letter to a friend she had let down before and was “determined not to do it again. The only way I could explain myself, to let them know I was ready to let my guard down, was to put my words down on paper, and post the letter.”

Listen to Believe Me in full up top and, if you were lucky enough to get your hands on tickets before they sold out, you can catch Lilla performing on the first night of HORIZON 2018 this Thursday.