It was during a late night Soundcloud trawl in early 2015 that we first came across Lilla Vargen. There was just a solitary demo uploaded to her profile, a mournful piano ballad that clocked in at just over two minutes, but it showcased a voice so pure and clear that it stopped us in our tracks. We tipped her for big things and eagerly awaited her next project, but Lilla was in no hurry to oblige. Instead, she took a step back, spending a couple of years honing her craft, only returning last month to share a new single.

We were worried we might have to wait another few years to hear from her again, but those fears were unfounded, as today Lilla returns to unveil her gorgeous debut EP, Hold On, exclusively through Mahogany.

Made up of three tracks, the record starts with its title track, a lovely, understated affair that see’s Lilla’s delicate, refined vocals offset against gradually-building electronic production. Next up is aching acoustic ballad, The One Who Truly Loves Me, which finds Lilla taking solace in the love and support of friends and family after a painful breakup. The record closer is an evocative cover of the Majical Cloudz track Downtown, with Lilla’s ever impressive vocals gliding over a gently swelling electronic soundscpe.

Hold On is a relatively short affair, but there is more than enough talent on display here to suggest that Lilla Vargen is a name we’ll be hearing a lot more of in 2018. Listen in full exclusively below