New Zealand to the UK and back is not a cheap flight, no matter how far in advance you book it, so when we got word that Louis Baker was flying in for some London shows, we absolutely had to get together for a Mahogany Session.

It was still surprisingly warm out, so we headed for the Hackney end of the Regents Canal which was a stones throw from the venue he was due to play later that night.

At any time the canal is bustling with joggers, cyclists, commuters and power-walking mums, but Louis’ vocals and quick tempo guitar playing cut through the noise like a warm knife to butter.

It began to get a little busy as we moved onto the second song and edged closer and closer to the rush-hour, so we headed up onto the bridge for the second song, Love.

Louis has this incredibly calm and kind nature which really came through that day – and his songs delve into deep inner feelings of love that are amplified ten-fold by his vocal delivery.

We are massive, massive fans.