The Taylor Swift vs. Apple Music story made global headlines and suddenly positioned the worlds biggest pop star as the worlds biggest advocate for fairer online streaming royalties. To Taylor’s credit: no matter what you think of the music, her actions are what’s needed in this digital age.

This bravery in the face of Apple music was not the only action which caused ruckus these past months. Ms. Swift’s high-end action-packed music video ‘Bad Blood‘ (released in May) was another big feat which had crazed fans and those indifferent to her music in a fit of awe. The most cited reason for this being the exorbitant resources that went into taking this video from a theoretic concept into a 4 minute reality. The visuals consist of a richly condensed Sin City like neo-noir plot with original and menacing character names for each of the 17 A-List femmes fatales such as Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham or Ellen Pompeo featured in it. Impressive. But what about the music?

How about we strip away the visuals, the fatal-attraction glitz and glamour, and see what happens when a 26 year-old British singer-songwriter takes over Kendrick Lamar’s rap verses…

As a Swift fan myself, I thought the original song was not her best and didn’t make me want to be part of the stark-raving fan club, but Lucy Rose drastically changed that. And after listening to the cover at least two dozen times, I listened to Taylor’s original again and found I loved it.

Make sure to take a listen into the Lucy Rose’s most recent album, ‘Work It Out’, which you surely know from this mad ‘Bad Blood’ cover, is a musical treat.