It’s safe to say that 2015 was a whirlwind year for Mahogany. It not only saw us become one of the biggest independent online channels for music discovery on YouTube, but we launched our sessions and live shows in three of our favourite cities; Berlin, New York and Los Angeles.

We also started a brand new sister-channel at an incredible music studio in the English countryside, called Distiller Music, which allows us to showcase even more talent that we love.

With live shows every month and new sessions every week, we have a growing team of music lovers and creatives at our head office in East London – and our 2016 internship programme is starting this month.

Our interns don’t make teas and coffees, it’s proper hands-on experience with real opportunities to learn about digital music, video production, live events and more. Interns will be working with us for three days per week. Before you consider applying, please make sure you fit within these requirements;

  • Over 18 years old, and based in London (UK)

  • Confident communication skills

  • Available three days per week

  • A portable laptop computer 

Also, we don’t want your CV. We’re real people and we want to know the real you…

Design Your Own Festival

This is your own festival – in your own words.

Describe your festivals location and why you chose it there. Your music line-up needs to cater to a diverse crowd and include four stages hosting different genres/styles and you must choose three artists for each of your stages. Think about the food, the drinks, and even the activities that people can do that might not just be related to music.

We do this submission every year, and you can make this as short or long as you like, but be creative!

Apply for the 2016 internship programme before the 15th February deadline

  1. Email with the title ‘Internship [YOUR NAME]’
  2. Include attached word document with your festival plan
  3. In the email give us one paragraph of information about yourself
  4. At the top of the email please include your full name, address and date of birth