After racking up close to half a billion streams on Spotify alone, it’s fair to say that Seattle-based duo Odesza, are one of the biggest names in dance music right now. Last month the pair released their third full length album, A Moment Apart, and yesterday shared the video for the album’s lead single, Across The Room, which features long-time Mahogany fave, Leon Bridges.

Today, before they set off on their North American tour, Odesza sat down with us to take on the Mahogany Minute.

Home is… Where you make it. For now it’s Seattle, WA

It all started when… we met in college and bonded over our love of Boards of Canada and Animal Collective.

Music has… the ability to connect people. It’s a universal language and one we think we speak best through. (we’re not great at these interview things)

Our music… has allowed us to travel the world, meet some incredible people and experience a lot of things we never would have otherwise.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt… it’s allow yourself time to step away from whatever your working on. If it’s a song, we think taking the time to refresh the ears and not force creativity is important.

If we’re not in the studio or on stage… We are thinking about being in the studio or on stage

We can’t perform unless… we’ve been drumming on different objects throughout the green room to get into show mode.

We’ve never been… to Japan. This is a bucket list travel destination for us. Whether tour gets us there or not we’d love to explore Japan and check out the music scene.

We wish… we could write our next album in South America.

We can’t live without… going back to The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds at least once a year.

We find it very easy… to skip breakfast.

If there’s one song… we both love it’s Pete Bjorn and John’s – Young Folks

In twenty years time we… hope to have grown our music label and composed for a film. Built out our home studio with plenty of analog gear. Own a few dogs.