The Mahogany Minute is designed for those who haven’t got a huge amount of time on their hands, and artists who have even less. Every artist continues the same lines, and we all get to learn a little bit more about them.

This week we put the Mahogany minute to Raleigh Ritchie, otherwise known as 24-year-old Jacob Anderson. After smashing out four incredible EP releases in the last two years, as well as a starring role in hit series Game of Thrones, Ritchie is most certainly on a roll. His debut album is set for release later this year, but if you can’t wait until then make sure you catch him on his UK tour in April.

Hi, my name is… Raleigh Ritchie.

My parents… are aliens.

I was born… on June 18th 1990 in Bristol, England. 20th Century. Space.

Now you can find me… broadcasting my most personal dirty laundry in the form of music and jumping around like a maniac on stage.

It all started when… I decided to sit in the music block during lunch break at school instead of making friends.

Music has… been a form of therapy for me since I was a kid. Without it I would possibly spontaneously combust. Possibly.

If I’m not in the studio or on stage… I’m hanging out with my girlfriend, watching films and walking in the park and stuff.

The music industry… is a bit of a mess. But not an unsalvageable mess. There are good and bad parts, like with any “industry”.  

I’ve never been… scuba-diving. I’m terrified of water. I want to do it one day though. One must conquer ones fears. 

I wish… days were longer.

One song… that I could listen to any time of the day, anywhere is Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life”. It’s my all time favourite song. It makes me feel like I have a purpose on earth.

If I’ve learnt something in the past three years… it’s to be patient and persistent, and take most things with a pinch of salt. I think as a species, we assume other people care about our troubles more than they do. The key is to just do what makes you happy.

This year’s highlight… is a toss up between Lily Allen covering Stronger Than Ever and doing my first headline tour. Both were pretty surreal. 

If you listen to my music for the first time… expect the unexpected.

You can find out more about Ritchie here.