Jack Savoretti’s been on an incredible journey over these past few years as a musician. When times were difficult, and when record labels seemingly turned their back, he persisted and steadily build a global fan base.

After touring the world, Jack returned to London to start work on his debut album, and the result is ‘Written In Scars’. It’s a culmination of years of travelling and writing – and we’re so pleased to have an exclusive Mahogany Minute with him today.

‘The Other Side of Love’ is the next single to be released in April, and the official music video to accompany the track features a stellar cast (including Raife Spall and Jack’s wife).

Hi, my name is… Jack Savoretti.

My parents… are my heart and soul. They have always stood by me and have shown what it means to be there for your children. As a parent myself now, my respect for them is infinite. If I’m still here and alive it’s all thanks to them.

I was born… in London 31 years ago. I moved to Switzerland when I was a kid and spent my summers in Italy growing up. After high school i moved to L.A before returning back to making London my home.

Now you can find me… back in London or out on the road.

It all started… on my sixteenth birthday my dad gave a tape with Dylan’s “Forever Young” on it and Crosby Stills & Nash and I realised music could be more than just music. It could be used to say something. I guess I’ve been trying to say something ever since.

Music has… always blown me away, when I think about how far it travels. I think we know more about our world and different parts of it, thanks to the music that is made. It always comforts me. I’m not a fan of silence.

If I’m not on stage or in the studio… I’m at home with my family. I have a beautiful daughter, and a new born son. They genuinely are the coolest, kindest and wisest people i know.

The music industry… is an oxymoron. As long as the music comes first it’s great, but if we start calling it the industry of music, it’s over.

I’ve never been… in a war. But I wonder what it must be like to live through one everyday.

I wish… I could speak more languages.

One song… that will always haunt me is The Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eye”.

If I’ve learnt something in the past three years… it’s that the most important thing in life are the people close to you. It’s a cliche for a reason. The ship sails a lot smoother when everybody on board really loves to be there.

This years highlight… having the amazingly talented Raife Spall and my wife starring in my video for “The Other Side of Love“ and playing at my football teams stadium (Genoa CFC) before the match against Juventus which we miraculously won at the 94th min. Check out the video to my song “”Home”, if you want to see what I’m talking about.

If you listen to my music for first time… make sure you’re in a car a train a boat or a plane. I try to make records to be listened to when your going somewhere.