Laura Doggett is without a doubt a future star. Her haunting voice and music comes from one of the friendliest and sweetest girls you will ever meet.

Her newest single ‘Into The Glass,’ is set to be released along with her EP on 10th May. She is playing The Great Escape and Dot to Dot festival this summer.

Laura took on the minute after our session with her…

Hi, my name is… what? my name is who? my name is … Laura Doggett

My parents… are the best in the world.

I was born… in 1993, Northampton hospital.

Now you can find me… in 2015! IN London.

It all started when….. I wrote my first song in Year 10 at school. Before that I’d always sing Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilara and try to be in musicals.

Music has… Given me a voice. Given me the chance to speak about things that matter to me. It’s an outlet.

If I’m not on stage or in the studio…

  1. a) sipping a Malbec or a Caipirinha (I used to work in a bar and try to not forget how to make cocktails!) whilst wishing I was exercising or practicing piano or doing vocal work or in general anything I need to do that I’m procrastinating upon.
  2. c) …writing a ‘to-do’ list.
  3. d) dreaming about saving animals
  4. e) fretting about the future of the world / for my generation
  5. f) analysing stranger’s behaviours and contemplating everything I’ve ever felt for songwriting.
  6. g) apologising to my friends for being an unreliable friend and not keeping in touch!

The music industry… Has taught me to be strong and to believe in myself more than ever.

I’ve never been… Annie Lennox

I wish… That I was Annie Lennox for a day. I’d sing so so much and record a whole album or something and then be sad that I couldn’t release it when I was back to being me again.

One three song(s)…

‘Why’ – Annie Lennox. If I was feeling sad about anything I’d listen to this and it’s the rhetorical “Tell me why?” that makes it so accessible to any and all of my exasperations.

‘Talking about a revolution’ – Tracy Chapman. Brave, bold, awesome, inspiring – she sings with a social conscience.

‘Both Sides Now’ and ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ – Joni Mitchel – so philosophical and always relevant. Innocent yet knowledgeable. Perfect.

If I’ve learnt something in the past three years… It’s to trust that little feeling beneath your sternum.

This years highlight… Being called a “young Kate Bush” by my audience on my recent tour.

If you listen to my music for first time… You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. A bit like Marmite 🙂


We teamed up with Laura and filmed a special Mahogany Session, with a special live performance of Into The Glass…