Liz Drummond, Hannah Field and Annie Hamilton make up the astonishingly talented Little May, a Sydney-based indie folk trio.

The girls are set to have a very strong year with gigs across the UK, Europe and the States, to promote their new EP with ‘Hide’ as their latest single due to be released on 13th April.

Hannah from the band takes on the Minute…

We are… Hannah Field, Liz Drummond and Annie Hamilton.

We live… Sydney, Australia.

It all started when… Liz and I met at school and bonded over our mutual love of old classics. We liked listening to music and drinking wine on her patio instead of going to all the parties. A few years later we had been dabbling and working on our song writing together but lacked a bit of confidence. After we decided that we really wanted to have a good crack at it we asked our friend Annie to join (we’d heard she was a great little guitarist). That’s when Little May became official.

Our music… is our therapy. 

You wouldn’t expect it but Annie once stole a figurine from a comic book shop for her boyfriend’s snow globe present that she was making him for Christmas. 

Music has… made me get my shit together. It keeps me sane.

If we’re not in the studio or on stage… I’m usually catching up on My Kitchen Rules or binging on Anthony Bourdain related television. Annie is drawing sloths on snapchat. Liz is creeping around the Central Coast. 

We’ve never been… apart for longer than a week over the past three years. 

The one show… we will never forget involved Liz standing behind a cement pillar and many, many babies crying. 

This year’s highlight… finding out we were going to be playing Reading and Leeds. No words. 

If you listen to our music for the first time… you will think we feel too many emotions. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt… haters gonna hate. But you just have to shake it off.