The Mahogany Minute is designed for those who haven’t got a huge amount of time on their hands, and artists who have even less. Every artist continues the same lines, and we all get to learn a little bit more about them.

Almost half a century later we are reminded of Mowtown’s bracing ripple-effect, reaching all the way South to the beautiful island of New Zealand where Louis Baker, the country’s most promising up and coming artist, has been brewing up his heartfelt acoustic sounds with soulful vocals.

Two years ago Louis had never stepped foot outside of the country, and today his debut track “Birds” is a source of admiration around the globe. He continues to marvel audiences with recently released self-titled EP and is set for an exciting future ahead.

My parents… are Dianne and Gordon. 

I was born... in Wellington, New Zealand.

Now you can find me… on tour in Europe, although I still live in Wellington. I love it there.

It all started when… I was a young boy listening to records with my mum and dad. I have very vivid and beautiful memories from our old house on Coromandel St, Newtown. 

Music has… been a friend of mine for some years now, and I am so grateful to have made this connection. It is a bottomless well to draw inspiration from for ones own expression.

If I’m not on stage or in the studio… there’s a good chance I will be cooking as I have a passion for culinary art. I like to be with my family, and surround myself with good people.

The music industry… is an ever-changing landscape.  I focus my energy on making the music that I love. I listen to the music that moves me.

I’ve never been… to Austin, Texas, but would be cool to go sometime in the future.

I wish… the world could live in peace with one another.

One song… that I have been digging lately is ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ by James Blake. 

If I’ve learnt something in the past three years… it’s to never give up on your vision or goal. We must strive to do the best we can everyday to create value where ever we are. It’s so important to stay active in achieving our goals, and to stay mindful of others on their own journeys. We are here together, and if you are reading this now I hope you feel encouraged in some way. Please do not give up, and I wish you well.

This years highlight… 2 years or so ago I had never left New Zealand. In the past year or so, I’ve traveled over for shows and festivals in Europe 5 times including two runs of Australia’s east coast with sold out shows. I try to remember to take time in enjoying the moment. I am still a long way off what I would like to achieve. 

If you listen to my music for first time… please know that my intention is to help open something up, just as music has done for me, and continues to do every single day. So that you can feel the emotion that I felt when I first wrote or heard the song. Thank you for reading this.