Most of us will be planning to frequent some kind of knees up this 31st to celebrate the end of 2014 and bring in the beginning of a new year. Whatever your plans, whether chilling in front of the TV or out raving until dawn, we’ve pulled together some of the best mixes out there to suit each inevitable NYE moment.

The Warm Up MixThis selection pulled together for BBC 6 by Adam Bainbridge, aka Kindness, is the perfect way to start your New Year’s Eve adventures. Featuring a mash up of swing, jazz, funk and house beats this 6 Mix will get your evening off to a perfect musical start and wind it up from there.

The Eclectic Beats Mix Master of beat production Paul White’s mix for FACT Magazine, is the perfect mix for NYE at home or a house party. Released in October, White includes cuts from Bjork, Aphex Twin, Mo Kolours and The Flaming Lips sounds besides, including several cuts from his own fantastic LP Shaker Notes. This mix is the perfect accompaniment if you’re having some dinner or drinks, or equally if you are turning your front room into a make shift dancefloor.

The Modern Disco Mix For the many of you who may prefer something danceable but with a retro slant to welcome in your 2015, this mix from John Loveless, mixed for Sheffield based club night Banana Hill, has a modern but retro sounding house vibe and includes some undeniably funky disco nuggets that are sure to please.

The Hangover Mix

And finally, for tomorrow morning when your head is sore and you feel more faded than you can remember feeling before, we have this ambient mix from Minor Science to soothe those weary, party addled bones.

Happy New Year, from all of us at Mahogany.