Mo Kolours has a sound that has always stood out to me. Although it often has the beat and the vocal loops associated with house and electronica, the music has so much percussion and other live instrumentation within it, plus the dubby croon of Mo Kolours voice, that ultimately makes his output feel like a far more organic affair than any slickly polished dance music.

This track, How I (Rhythm Love Affair) is the first release and title track from Mo Kolour’s up and coming LP. The vocal sample has a dizzy sweetness, and the soft patter of the drums, bassline and percussion showcases Mo at his most romantic. Mo Kolours new LP is due for release on One Hand Music on the 9th March, and you can pre-order the vinyl which features two exclusive tracks here. I’ve also included the Mo Kolours self-directed teaser video for the full LP to whet your appetite a little further.