Mt. Wolf were a huge 2012 discovery for me. I went to one of their first gigs at Corsica Studios in London to see the four-piece live, reeling from the majestic sound of ‘Lifesize Ghosts’ and was impressed by the ambitious live set up and stirring vocal power of the whole group. Since the ‘Lifesize Ghosts’ release and the ‘Hypolight’ EP, Mt. Wolf have became a trio with vocalist Kate heading off to work on other projects, so I wondered how the now all male line up of Sebastian, Stevie and Al would compare as the band released their third EP ‘Red’.

Well, let it be known that Mt. Wolf are on great form. From the opening track, Mt Wolf have that rushing, pattering, tidal sound that first made me fall for their wistful folk music, whilst the falsetto vocals of Stevie and Sebastien give the opening two tracks ‘Red’ and ‘Hamburg’ a lightness and a dreamy quality that washes over the whole release.

Alexa Harley as guest vocalist on ‘VIIII’ brings a deeper tone to the third track of the EP, and she is a fine addition to the line up. The fourth and final track is instrumental, named after spiritual teacher Burgs using an extended sample of the man himself speaking. All the proceeds of that track go to charity Kids Company – which is rather nice too.

Check out the recently released video for Hamburg below.