PRSJON (Paris Jones) is a slick young singer/songwriter making great original music and his hit song ‘You Like Me’ has become the ideal track for RnB/Hiphop producers to remix. The original song is brilliant in it’s own right. The off-kilter percussion stutters and jerks forming a unique rhythmic bounce. The arcade-like synths are glitchy and slightly warped yet they fizz with energy and vibrancy. The acappella version shows off Jones’ great tone and stylish singing style. But it is the remixes that I have come to love.

The new versions curated below are only a few of the many new imaginings for Paris Jones’ You Like Me. This selection showcases a spectrum of sounds that pleases my palate perfectly. All of the tracks have cool synth parts, sturdy basslines and interesting vocal effects. Head to PRSJON’s soundcloud page for more goodness.