East London duo Hyde + Seek – made up of singer songwriter Binky and instrumentalist / producer Gil – lived around the corner from each other but only actually met when Gil went online looking for talented vocalists to work with. For the last two years the pair have been creatively inseparable, and that bond is proving to be a fruitful one. The pair’s debut single ‘Be Strong’ shows off Binky’s stirring vocal talent and Gil’s slick production ability. When her soulful voice first whispers then soars across the layers of synth riffs and guitars, the result is a quietly assured electro-pop debut from Hyde + Seek.

‘Be Strong’ has also been given a beautifully atmospheric rework by Anna Wall; a rising star of the East London house and techno scene. Anna’s takes the track into a cooler, stripped back space; her version is more melancholy balearic feel with sparsely constructed beats, and the faint shuffle of snares. Rather wonderfully, Anna’s also giving it away as a free download below.