Sango is one of the best producers out right now. Since c. 2010 the talented Michigan native has consistently put out insanely hot instrumentals and collaborations with vocalists, much like this track featuring SPZRKT (pronounced Spazzy Rocket). Sango is a go-to beatsmith for a fresh take on hip hop and RnB. His music has a great vibe; energetic, soulful and bouncey- heads will nod and hips should shake loose when these sounds hit the speakers.

Nothing is left to chance with Sango’s beats and the below songs validate this theory. Press play and the pitched vocal sample of JMK immediately impresses, as does SPZTRKT’s silky tone and cool delivery.

Another of my favorite Sango productions. Por Do Sol Parte 2 showcases his seemingly sixth sense of reinterpretation. Be sure to check out his extensive and dependable back catalogue of great music.